Help me pick a new design laptop.


First, let me preface:

The laptop I have been using was purchased as a company machine on a budget fit for a generic office computer.  At the time, I was doing very little design, graphics, animation or video production.  A friend turned me on to making sure that it at least had an Intel i5, and for that, I am grateful.  In all honestly, it has served me fairly well over the last 4+ years and I am thankful that the family business fronted the original bill.  Still, it has cost me a lot of money to maintain in add-ons, updates, etc.

laptop modifications

On top of that, it was constantly breaking down because of driver issues, and the many different management systems that had been installed on it by the slew of tech companies that it was subject to.  In the last year, it became quite...buggy.

Recently, said laptop had an unfortunate run-in with liquid.  I took lunch at my desk and finally paid the price.  So, I need a new laptop.

But, this time, I'm going to get the right one.

This is what I need in my next laptop:

  • A workhorse.  I run a lot of memory-and-graphics-intensive software.  I'm tired of waiting for rendering and exporting.  I need a machine that can easily export a 40' billboard ad at 300dpi while rendering a 4K video for YouTube.  I typically operate on two screens, so fast drivers and cards are a must.
  • Endurance.  I work an average of 50hrs a week...lately, closer to 60.  I need a machine that can run that long (10-12hrs straight through), while running full Adobe CC, without overheating or running out of thinking juice.
  • Stability.  No one on a time-budget likes updates.  They slow down your work flow.  Recently, I have been losing up to 2hrs a day on Windows updates that keep getting pushed my way and bog down the system until they are installed.  Yes, I know I can schedule them for at night, but that doesn't stop the lag.
  • Portability.  I work out of office a lot.  I need a machine that can easily go with me and has the battery to boot.  
  • Semi-affordable.  I'm willing to make a long-term investment.

Now, I could read posts until I'm blue in the face, but that fact is that I need to get a new machine ASAP.  And, I want one that will be with me for a long, long time.  A long time.

So, I ask you...

What should my next design laptop be?