First off, thank you all for the encouraging words and prayers that you sent our way during the trip.  Your support meant the world to us!

Since returning home to Bozeman, I've received a few requests for a post to break down/recap the trip.  Some folks were a little confused that the order was "as we went"...?

Anyway, here is the #frasier4trip, broken down.

The Posts:


Trip Description
Written from Bozeman, 3 Days prior to our departure.  Date:  April 17


"On the Road"
Written in Ennis, MT - a few hours in to the trip.  Date: April 20


"Happy Detour"
Written on first night on the trip.  About drive to CO and our impromptu visit of Arches National Park.  Date: April 20


Written in Grand Junction, CO (day 3) before departing for the SW.  Covers our visit there.  Dates:  April 20-22


"Utah, You Blew Our Minds"
Written on night 3, after the greatest single day of driving of my life.  Covers Utah, including Goblin Valley, Capitol Reef, Escalante-Staircase National Monument, and the amazing HWY 12.  This day changed my life.  Date: April 22


"Canyon (A.K.A. 'Valley') Experiences"
Covers days 4-5, and Bryce & Canyonland National Parks.  Also about the time that hard stuff began within and without our trip. Dates: April 23-24


"Weekend in Phoenix"
Covers days 5-7 and our time in Phoenix with family as well as the epic drive that is HWY 160 from Tuba City, AZ to Durango, CO.  Seriously, most epic sunset/rainbow in the desert I've ever seen.  Dates:  April 24-26


"End of the Southwest"
Covers days 8-10, Great Sand Dunes National Park, and arriving to our first host home in Colorado Springs.  Dates:  April 27-29


"Southwest Video Update"
Covers days 1-7 - Videos from the national parks and on the road.  Prepare to be entertained.


"Dear Midwest,"
Covers days 11-12 with as much flair and hospitality as one would assume the Midwest to show.  "None." and "A whole bushel full."  Dates:  April 30-May 1


"Hello Chicago"
Covers days 12-14 in Chicago with our dear friend Kristin and a whole gaggle of my family.  Also includes my first memorable case of culture-shock after two weeks of desolate spaces.  Dates:  May 1-3


"On the Farm & a Wedding"
Covers days 14-25 in two locations: At my in-laws' farm in S. WI, and at my brother-in-law's wedding in S. IL.  This post contains wedding vows, cows, the slaughter of birds, an impromptu extra drive of 500 miles, and one cat in a trap.  Dates:  May 3-14


"A Note From Elyse Re: 'The West'"
A special post from my amazing wife.  She touches on what the trip had taught her up to that point and her not-so-secret love affair with the Western USA.  Written: May 15


"The Northwoods"
Covers days 26-31 up in Rhinelander, WI.  A time filled with grandparent and great-grandparent visits, as well as fishing & Ewan's first time driving a boat.  Dates:  May 14-20


"The Long Drive Home"
Covers days 32-33 on our route home from Northern Wisconsin across Minnesota and North Dakota.  Also includes our final national park:  Teddy Roosevelt National Park.  Dates:  May 21-22


The Final Stats:

Total Days:  33  (April 20 to May 22)

Total Miles:  7, 261  (1,621 more than estimated)

Total States:  10 (not including our home state: MT)

Notable Places Visited:
Targhee National Forest
Arches National Park
McInniss National Conservation Area
Goblin Valley State Park
Capitol Reef National Park
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Bryce Canyon National Park
Glen Canyon Dam
Horseshoe Bend
Grand Canyon National Park
Kaibab National Forest
Grand Canyon University
Montezuma's Castle
Four Corners Monument
San Juan National Forest
Great Sand Dunes National Park
Field Museum
Wrigley Field
American Legion State Forest
Pioneer Park
My birth home
Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Notable People Visited:
In Phoenix - Elyse's Aunt, Uncle & Cousins (special appearance by Bailey)
In Colorado Springs - The Melendez Family (Aubrey & Co)
In Chicago - Kristin (and special appearance by my mom, brother Chad, aunt Carol, cousins Kyle and Becky)
In Wisconsin - Havens & Frasier families ( as well as special appearances by the Muellers, Havens, Coffins, Johanna & Joanne and then my grandparents, Jack Knott, Geoff & Marc and the Frasier's crew)


One final thought:

We loved seeing so much of the country, but one thing is for certain, 

"There is no place like home."

And we are taking full advantage of our home area this summer.

This was taken on a very short drive to a picnic area 3 days ago.