They wouldn't share their lunch.

They wouldn't share their lunch.

11 Days later,

and I finally make another trip update.  I had promised a few on Instagram and other sites - my apologies for those.  I had portions typed up over the last week and a half and just never got back to them.

A lot has happened!

First off, we arrived at my inlaws' farm near Mount Horeb, WI (kind of near Madison - politically, udderly different climate...bah-doom-CHH!) on the night of May 3rd.

As with the time in Phoenix, I'm going to keep the best details private because it was family time.  To be sure, there were some amazing memories made between the kids, family & friends.  The kids love their "Grammy & Papa" in a way that is fun and colorful...which makes for great times.  They also had a blast with family and new friends (to them) in the Mount Horeb area.

For those who do not know where that is - this is where Elyse is from:


It was nice to finally stay off the road for at least a few days at a time.  I ended up making an impromptu trip to Rhinelander for a meeting a few nights in to our visit (250 mi one-way), and we had the wedding in Southern Illinois last weekend (350 mi one-way), but really - it was nice to decompress a bit.

I'll let the pics & captions tell the story...

Please equip headphones or turn your volume way up for these brief but comedic videos:

Hannah discovers poop.


Critical Mass - The kids finally implode.

To be fair, they have fought a fair amount in the last 26 days on the road.  But, this short clip, and the words they say, sum up where you would assume a 2 & 4 year old would be after a month in a small car together.


We are settled in to my folks place here in Rhinelander, WI now.  For those of you who do not know where that is, this is where I am from:


The kids are loving the woods and the lake, and we're having a blast with my mom and brother.  My dad is on his way back from a bear hunt with a friend in Wyoming, but we'll get to see him before we head back home next week.

On a more serious & personal note...

Over the course of this trip, some things have happened in our lives and beyond our control that would be difficult even at home - not to mention on the road.  We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we (and those involved) manage next steps as we work at continuing to love life & thrive in it.

I know that's vague.  It's intentional as the situation is an intensely private ordeal for the directly involved.