(that's "yooper" for, "ugh/good grief/geeeeez" as well as stronger words)

Yesterday was a bear and hit us square in the fanny.  Problems within, problems without - each one a direct blindside leaving us saying, "Wait, what just happened?  Are you kidding?"

First off, the hotel from two nights ago was the bomb.  I highly recommend the Grand Staircase Inn in Cannonville, UT.  The service there can not be beat for the price within an hour of Bryce Canyon.

Last night's hotel, was the worst.

But I'll start from the beginning...

Yesterday started rather innocuously:  Coffee, hot chocolate and toast.  That was followed by a short and pleasant drive to Bryce Canyon.  This, is the beautiful backdrop to where our day of challenges began, and is best described by one picture:

hannahs not impressed

Hannah. Was. Done.

To be sure, we saw some absolutely stunning vistas and amazing wildlife throughout the day.  We saw dozens of desert mule deer, as well as some bull elk in velvet at the Grand Canyon.

But when one of your troupe is fouled up, that sours everything.

I can only hope that my daughter finds a vocation where her voice is an asset.  The girl is only two but can hold a note like no toddler I've ever heard.  She can also hold a wailing note for hours if her emotional state requires it.  Yesterday, I believe she broke a new record - all without going hoarse.

Sooo, that was her, but she wasn't alone.  Elyse was still fighting a headache, I was dealing with tectonic shifts at work, and Ewan was...well, Ewan was actually having a pretty sweet day up until we got to our hotel last night.  Then he took a turn while Hannah played "Peace Keeper."

In all, we were not the best versions of ourselves, which is a testament to the human condition.  You can have the greatest stuff and be at the greatest places, but if you are being selfish and worrying about your own interests, you will ruin it all for yourself and those around you.

Yesterday was a day of canyons as views and valleys as a family - and this morning we disavowed all that we were.  We've made up, and we're really looking forward to what this weekend with family will be:  Amazing.

Speaking of "amazing" this is a taste of what we saw yesterday:

Presently, I'm sitting the lobby of our hotel in Phoenix, awaiting the arrival of the Havens clan while the kids catch up on "quiet."  Chelsea's graduation is tomorrow (the purpose of our drive south in the first place) and we're very excited for the time together celebrating that.

Tomorrow's post will be something of a highlight reel, so stay tuned for that.

Now, regarding last night's hotel, I'll keep it short.

If you already have enough aggravation in your life, or struggle with anxiety/heart disease, don't scroll down.







You were warned to not scroll down.









Seriously, there are better things to do with your life than roaming the internet, looking for things to get mad about.  Move on.








Fine, but you should really take a look within as to why you feel the need to do this.

Never stay at the Super 8 in Williams, AZ.  The staff could care less about you as a paying guest.   We lost water for our room shortly after we arrived last night - effectively making our bathroom useless.  This wasn't until after the kids and Elyse had used the bath and brushed teeth (as water spat out with air until it finally quit all together).  The toilet was out of commission.  When the water came back on, it was brown.  My towel was brown after the shower, and my skin burned (the desk staff had assured me we would be safe after I went down to check/ask for a new room).  Well, my skin is still burning and we all have horrible intestinal problems.  I brought that to the front desk staff's attention and they told me it was our fault for using the water.  ...?  Anyway, turns out the city was doing maintenance to the water lines and the hotel decided not to tell us.  We have not been refunded yet, but it's taking a lot of self-control to not use my "mystical web-reputation powers" for evil this evening.