"Well, that's ambitious."

That's what the dude sitting across from me at Wild Crumb - my favorite work space in Bozeman - said to me after I hung up with my wife.  We were planning something big.  Well, for us.

When you live apart from family, big life events get...challenging.

Making it to a graduation in Arizona, and then a wedding in Illinois two weeks later would be an endeavor with two children - no matter where one lives.  But, we live in Montana, which is close to neither.  Flying would be the "easiest", but would also cost a small fortune for four people.

So...something had to happen.

And thus, our road-trip from hell was born.

Now, to be fair, we love roadtrips.  Elyse and I had already logged several thousand miles in our cars by the time we got married because we just liked driving with each other's company.  Our honeymoon was a road trip (actually, not far off from this one).  Most of our vacations are road trips.

But this, this is not a vacation.

Not truly at least.

This trip is not done out of obligation, I want to make that clear.  Being at these big family life events is important to us, and something that we gladly sacrifice to be a part of.

What makes this trip not a vacation is that I am not taking time off from work.  In fact, I will be rolling out three of my largest ad and web campaigns of the last few years on this trip and will be visiting two of the offices along the way (CO & WI).  It's really the only way that we could do this.  That, and the fat tax return that two kids bring us because, according to Bill Cosby, "Having kids is like living with drug addicts.  They're always eating your food, puking everywhere and nearly killing themselves in your bathroom."

Here's to 5,600 plus miles in the road with two pint-sized "drug addicts."

Yet, as my boss mused when he dropped me off at SEA-TAC a few weeks back, "You could have flown, but the memories from this trip will serve you the rest of you and your family's lives."

I can't wait - for real.

This website started as something of a "claim my domain before some idiot felon does", but will also serve as something of a little catalogue of this trip and the many adventures to come with my favorite three people in the whole wide world.  I will endeavor to post every night, though my work load may make that a tad sporadic.

One easy way to keep tabs on us and the trip is a hashtag (shut. up. Caitlin.) we started:  #frasier4trip .  Plug that in to Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr and you'll get up-to-date stuff from both Elyse and I.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready to go to the museum.


Because family.  That's why.


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