Hey Gallatin Valley BHA Members!

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer and be a solid example of hunters and anglers in our community.  It's vital for the future of conservation and outdoor sports!

I just need a little bit of info to send to John & Ty for the T-Shirt orders.

Name *
So that we can match to memberships. BHA Membership is required to get your shirt for FREE for this volunteer event!
These are unisex
Not required, but helpful for coordinating before the event.

One Note:  If there's more than one of you who will need one (IE: family with kids) please fill out separate forms for each so that we can keep the spreadsheet nice and clean for Ty - he's the one that will have to fill the orders.  :)

I'll bring the T-shirts to the cleanup meeting point (see - pic below).

Thank you for caring about our local public lands!